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Far World: Water Keep by J Scott Savage

I am so happy I was asked to review this book as part of J. Scott Savage's Blog Tour, an introduction of his imaginative and fascinating new fantasy series. I really think that it takes a genius to create a good fantasy novel because there are so many strange and wonderful new things to write about (how do you keep all that straight?) yet a good fantasy has just the right touch of reality. And I think Savage is quite a genius because, if Water Keep is any indication of the caliber of the rest of the series; we are all in for a treat.
Marcus is a thirteen-year-old boy who lives in a wheelchair and is ostracized because of that and the fact that there is something strange about him. We learn more of that strangeness when Marcus is catapaulted into an entirely different realm, Farworld, without really knowing how that experience occurred. In Farworld, a magical place, he meets Kyja who, unfortunately, has no magical skills. The two are given a daunting quest to save Farworld from the devasting Dark Circle whose power is growing. To do this, they must combine the Elementals --water, land, air and fire. This first book follows them and their companions on a trek to find the water elementals.
I was captivated right from the first by the humor and skill with which Savage weaves his tale. I did make a few comparisons to the Lord of the Ring series because it is a journey to overcome a dark force; but, whatever. I loved LOTR and I love this book. In spite of the slight similarity in the beginning, Water Keep is totally original, brimming over with wonderful characters and delicious villains. (The unmakers were some of the scariest creatures I've ever read about) And the description of the Water Keep itself was breathtaking. Even though this is a fantasy, the emotions and motives were very real. Marcus and Kyja are both superb characters that I look forward to reading more about.
Rating: 5

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Bobbi said...
Great review!
8/27/2008 8:21 AM
Tristi Pinkston said...
I really enjoyed this book as well, and I can't wait for the next one!
8/27/2008 5:52 PM
Tristi Pinkston said...
Framed, did you get my e-mail? My box is saying it got returned.
8/27/2008 10:41 PM
Booklogged said...
Glad to hear you liked it, too. I thought it was wonderful.
9/01/2008 2:34 AM
Booklogged said...
Kate is reading it now and really enjoying it. Kris, who doesn't read very much, is on book 2 of the Twilight series. She's having a hard time fitting in college, boyfriend and a book! I'm tickled to see her reading.
9/01/2008 2:36 AM
Rhinoa said...
I have read some great reviews of this recently. Comparing it to LOTR is only another reason to make me want to read it!
9/01/2008 2:37 AM
Heather B. Moore said...
The characters really pulled me in on this book. Loved the whole story. My 11-year declared it's her new favorite book.

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